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marketing a business Marketing A BusinessMarketing a business can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable endeavors you will ever take on.  If you enjoy marketing that is.  If not what you learn through this site on marketing a business should help you get through the process.  Or you can always hire us or another marketing firm to do this for you.

There are so many different methods of marketing and advertising that you may have to go through a few different types of marketing before finding that one that brings you in all those rewards you and your company deserve.  Marketing any business no matter what industry you are in will require you to be persistent and to track everything.  After all you really should only spend money on what is working.  Unlike most of your competitors that will throw their money at many different forms of marketing without any idea of what is working and what is not.

Some of the different ways of marketing a business are:
Yellow page advertising
Postcard marketing
Online and offline classifieds
Newspaper or magazine display ads for branding or for direct response advertising
Direct mail
Coupon books
Online coupons on your website or posted on other businesses websites
Buses, bus stops and benches
Sales letters
Social media
Search engine optimization
And more…

I have not personally used all the of above methods for marketing a business.  The only methods I have not used are buses, benches, bus stops, billboards and TV.  And depending on the business I am not very fond of radio advertising.  All of the other ways to market your business can work in some way or another depending on the industry you are in.

The secret to marketing a business in the copywriting that is done in the marketing message.  If you have a smaller ad then you might only have an attention getting headline and an offer or call to action.   In a longer advertisement or sales letter you can do a lot more.  Create an attention getting headline, write compelling body copy that leads the reader down through the letter.  Also in the body you should place some positive testimonials.  Third party testimonials always help to gain trust with future clients and should be used in other areas of marketing your business as well.  Now in the sales letter you should give the benefits of your service or products then give a powerful guarantee.  From there go straight to asking for the sale, do this with a strong call to action.  The call to action in any offer should be limited in some way.  First 25 get the deal at this price, or sale on until the 2nd of the July don’t miss out.  This helps people take immediate action or they will just clip out your ad and maybe or maybe not use it in the future.

Ok, there is a lot more to copywriting than what I just explained, but this will get you started in the right direction at least.  Check out my ebook or some of the other pages on this site to learn more about copywriting.

Marketing a business online is the newest way and can be one of the fastest ways to see results.  Many people build a website or hire someone to build a website and then never get anybody going to their site.  If you cannot afford to hire someone to get your website to the top of the search engines then try doing this yourself.  If that is not an option because of time restraints or other reasons then start small by leasing a website from someone that will market your business and brand your name.  Often leasing a site for a local business will be under 500 dollars per month as compared with hiring a search engine optimization expert will cost you two or three times that price.  The difference being you own the site.

If you want to start even smaller when marketing a business online you can just create a custom Facebook fan page.  These can be done by any number of people including hosting for under $30 per month.  Then again there is that option of doing this yourself.  If you know anything about websites you can create a custom page yourself and host it with the hosting company you use now.  If this is not right for you at the moment then just build a regular fan page and start asking people to like it.

By far one of the best ways to marketing a business is networking.  Begin networking with people that you might be able to do work for and then as they trust you more and more they will refer you to others within their own networks.  Join clubs like and the chamber of commerce.  From there look for clubs that network at breakfast or lunches once a week.  These can work well, but from my experience these are very time consuming.  If you have the money you might want to think about other ways of marketing a business.

One area I had a ton of success with was cold calling.  Not my most favorite thing to do, but getting on the phone for an afternoon can bring you in enough business to last weeks or months down the road.  Not sure if I would jump at this method of marketing today or not.  Even though this worked very well you could do something that would work even better along with the cold calling.  And that is joint venture marketing.  Getting the list of a company that is complimentary to yours and not competitive with you can have a very fast very huge impact on your business.

This is just a quick overview of some of the ways marketing a business can help you.  Over the 15 years or so that I have now been in business I can safely say that I have spent thousands of dollars and countless nights learning and writing and learning and marketing and everything in between.  And I would not give up any of this for a full time job.  Like you this is the entrepreneurial way that we have chosen.

Remember when you are spending hard earned cash marketing your business you need to track everything that you do.  Imagine for a minute if you are spending $2000 per month on marketing with four different but equally priced methods of marketing and advertising.  Now if you were tracking these four methods and found out that two of the four only brought in 5% of your revenue wouldn’t it be nice to cut out those two and either try two others, save the money, or dump the extra cash into the two methods that are working?  The easiest way to track is to simply ask each and every person where they heard about you.

This brings me to my final way for marketing a business.  Word of mouth or referral marketing.  There are two ways you can do this to start.  First, you need to give the best service you can.  In fact you need to give at least 10% better service than any other company in your industry.  This will start the process of people talking about you.  Second, you need to prime the pump a little.  What I mean by this is you will need to put every client you have on a newsletter that you will send out four times per year.  In this newsletter you can talk about new products or services, new or changes in staff or locations, and run contests.  The contests will get your clients taking action and spreading the word to their friends and family.  After all your clients already like and trust you so a small incentive is all you need to make a lot of money marketing a business through word of mouth.

Thanks for visiting the marketing a business website.  Please look around, comment on anything you like and come back often as we change or add content weekly.  Also if you would like to ask anything feel free to message me directly, or just ask a question on one of the posts.



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Marketing a Business

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