Marketing a Welding Business

Once you have done your research work, decided and finally set sail into making it into the welding business, you shall have to start thinking about how to generate business for yourself, such that there isn’t a day when you are left without work. This can be ensured by an effective marketing plan, which if gone about meticulously, can reap unimaginable results.

Marketing a welding business is not currently a concept being accepted, owing to the fact that most of the work is physically done by the owner himself, and seldom does he find time to make a marketing strategy. Inference is that most of your competitors therefore, are not marketing proactively, which means that you really don’t have to be excellent in marketing for retrieving desired results.

A few ideas for marketing a welding business are enumerated below:

Get on with preparing a list of the companies and businesses that may utilize your welding services. Check yellow pages, web or hire someone or any other means for this. Once the list is prepared, send each of them a personal mailer, with probably a small souvenir, which shall remind them of you. Do not indulge in mass mailers, as marketing a welding business does not have a mass appeal and often does not have the salutations attached to it.

Advertise through media. Place an advertisement in the classifieds sections of newspapers, magazines or web portals offering these feature. Give an attractive heading and a brief and succinct description in the body. It’s always advisable not to use your business name in the heading, because it really doesn’t matter to customers.
Get registered in the yellow pages, as most people looking for welding services, end up selecting the vendor through yellow pages. Here it shall be prudent to name your company in such a way, that it emerges in the beginning of the list in yellow pages (which normally is alphabetically sorted).

Marketing a welding business can also be done by sending out feedback notes to the customers at regular intervals and especially sending greetings on special occasions.

Develop and register a website. Set a campaign going with Google ad words pay per click, and drive traffic to your website. Invariably, you will see increase in your customer base.

Another form of marketing a welding business could be to start a lead generation campaign. Hire people to provide you lead, and pay them either commission or fixed rate for providing a certain number of leads. Once you have the leads, all you shall need to do is approach them personally.

For marketing a welding business, it shall not be a bad idea to actually have brochures prepared, highlighting your company, the services provided and the competence levels, and these brochures with be distributed through personal visits to prospected clients, or through a vendor offering these services.

In order for any marketing of welding business to be a success, a keen eye for presentation is definitely required. Advertisement should have attractive matter, printed in high quality, website should be easily navigable, and it must be ensured that personal correspondence is done in an extremely professional manner. With all these aspects amalgamated together meticulously, there can be no reason for a marketing strategy to fail in this business.

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